Workforce & Economic Development

Workforce and Economic Development

The Memphis Urban League's Department of Workforce & Economic Development was designed to address the employment needs of two constituencies--skilled workers who seek assistance in securing job opportunities and employers who need qualified applicants to fill job vacancies within the Memphis metropolitan statistical area. Through a series of professional development workshops and innovative projects and events, such as job fairs, specialized recruitment sessions, and networking opportunities, the Department of Workforce and Economic Development assists individuals in creating meaningful professional contacts that enhance their marketability and ultimately assist them in securing employment while simultaneously serving as an invaluable recruitment source to local companies.

Making Diversity Work

Human Resource professionals acknowledge the importance of securing skilled employees while simultaneously promoting diversity in the workplace. Although many corporations possess internal programs that advocate the placement of minorities within their companies, few fully realize that there is a multitude of community resources available to them. Commitment to equal employment opportunity transcends the implementation of sensitivity training and diversity workshops. One indicator of a company's commitment to diversifying its workplace is how aggressively it recruits minority candidates and how willing it is to promote those employees.

The Workforce and Economic Development Department (WED) aids in this process by identifying qualified African-Americans and economically disadvantaged individuals who are ready to work and who possess the unique skills that businesses are seeking. By staying attuned to economic trends, industry demands, regulatory changes, and other workforce development issues, WED proves to be a strategic ally to companies who are serious about exploring inventive recruiting approaches.

If you are a job-seeker who would like to utilize the services of WED, complete the Workforce and Economic Development Registration Form and Demographic Form or contact Workforce & Economic Development representative at 901-272-2491, Ext. 13.

Employers can post job openings by faxing the career opportunity to 901-272-1673 or emailing it to:  The mailing address is:  Memphis Urban League, 413 North Cleveland Street, Memphis, TN 38104


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